Wingshooting Clinics

Illinois DNR Youth/Women's Wingshooting Clinics -

Each clinic is comprised of a morning classroom session taught by either an IDNR Certified Volunteer Hunter Education Instructor or an IDNR or National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) Certified Wingshooting Instructor. Students learn firearm nomenclature, firearm safety, and some principles of hunter safety during the morning session.

The afternoon session is taught at a shooting field or range by IDNR and NSCA Certified Wingshooting Instructors. Typically each wingshooting instructor works with a group of four shooting students during the afternoon session. Most students are either beginners or have novice level shotgun shooting ability when enrolling in the clinic. The objective is to teach students the fundamentals of hitting a moving target with a shotgun with reasonable reliability.  An equally important objective is to work with each student to ensure the fundamentals of safe shotgun handling are learned and practiced in the field.

Check the club calendar for additional information about these events at SCSC.