Club News

23 players took to the course with many of the regulars taking time off for vacation.  Where are their priorities?  A unanimous voice vote had everyone running the course twice and taking his or her best time.  John Fox was Mr. Consistent shooting the two closest times – just .55 seconds different from his first run to his second run on stage 3.

Guest RO and Oak Park Match Director Steve Parker showed the way with his new PCC 9MM Carbine setting fast time on Stage 1, winning the Tac Iron class and taking the overall win of the day.

Todd Kanochased Steve all day to second place in Tac Iron and Second overall.  Todd showed overall consistency by being in the top 3 on all stages.  Ron Heitzman took on being an RO (thanks Ron) and placed 3rd in Irons.

Duane Martinbroke in a new Benelli on Saturday and edged out Christopher Deal (RO) in Tac Optics.  Christopher showed that his overall win at the last event was no fluke by dominating the triple V drill with 45 hits with all three firearms in 30.53 Seconds!  Garrett Stearns rounded out the podium in Tac Optics.

Brent Dempsey(RO) took top honors is Heavy Metal Iron while Ian Christian won the Heavy Metal Optics class.  Finally, Alan Davis won Open.

Thanks to all who helped set up and tear down the stages and thanks to the SCSC RSO’s for coming out for the event.

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 THANKS.  Have a safe and happy 4th!

Alan Davis