Club News

It was an early start for our 2019 Rifle/Pistol event schedule but 26 intrepid souls braved the near-freezing temperatures to participate in our First Pistol Challenge of 2019.  We had several repeat-contenders, but also a very healthy group of first-time participants to pit their skills on the “man-on-man” contest to see who hit the six metal plates with a limited number of rounds.  Suffice to say that everyone seemed to have a grand time and it seems as though the Glock teams ruled the day (at least on the centerfire event… there you go Chuck, the acknowledgement of “Glock Perfection”….

Before we recognize the win, place and show slots for the center fire and .22 events, I want to give a special call out to all the RSO’s and folks that made this happen…. Mark Czubak, this couldn’t happen without your score-keeping acumen.  And to my RSO’s, who maintained an extremely safe and efficient range, many thanks to all of you…

And now, the TOP SHOTS of the day are:


1st place…. AND YES, The Man who exemplifies Glock Perfection, Chuck Bergeron

2nd place “Place”:  Matt Ruotsi

3rd Place “Show”:  Jeff Johanson


.22 Event:

1st Place:   Todd Kano

2nd place:  Tom Trakas

3rd Place Jeff Johanson


Thanks again to all that participated, Great shooting to all and we look forward to seeing you at our next Rifle/Pistol event.