Club News

We had a perfect June day for our second Pistol Challenge of the year and were able to shoot at the official “Hanging Chads” (hanging clays).  20 contenders vied for the coveted awards of a hearty handshake, pat on the back and general bragging rights for win, place or show.  And on that note, our top three finalists for the center fire and .22 events were:


·        1st. Place:  Todd Kano

·        2nd Place:  Matt Ruotsi

·        3rd Place:  Chuck Bergeron (who stated that Glock Perfection let him down)



·        1st Place:  Matt Ryosti

·        2nd Place:  Kurt Moncini

·        3rd Place:  Todd Kano


Thanks to everyone who helped with the setup, RSO duties and score keeping (I’m talking to you Mark Czubak, John Potter, Chuck Bergeron and Todd Kano) and to all those that participated.  A fun and safe time was had by all