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Results of the THIRD AND FINAL pistol challenge 2019


It was a perfect day (finally) for our final pistol challenge of the year.  19 shooters showed up to make this a grand finale to the Pistol Challenge Season.  We shot the classic “Hanging Chads” on newly refurbished stands so everyone got to try their hand at breaking some static clays for both the center fire and .22 events.

Before we recognize the win, place and show slots I want to give a special call out to all the RSO’s and folks that made this happen…. Mark Czubak, this couldn’t happen without your score-keeping acumen.  And to my RSO’s, (Chuck Bergeron, John Potter, Dave Watson and Ron Gay) who maintained an extremely safe and efficient range, many thanks to all of you…

And now, the TOP SHOTS of the day are:


1st place…. Chuck Bergeron, The man, the legend and the PERSON who puts the PER in GLOCK PERFECTION! (There is your call out for Glocks Chuck)!

2nd place “Place”:  Mark Czubak, the man on fire and master of the score sheet

3rd Place “Show”:  Rich Rohrich, new to the field and quite the commendable performance!


.22 Event:

1st Place:   Tom Trakes, who took the title hands down!

2nd place:  Chuck Bergeron and he didn’t even have his Glock!

3rd Place Mark Czubak, What can I say, it pays to man the scoring booth!


Thanks again to all that participated, Great shooting to all and we look forward to seeing you at our next Rifle/Pistol event.