Levels of Membership

The St. Charles Sportsmen’s Club offers Membership options for shooting sports enthusiasts who are interested in our conveniently located, vigorous and friendly Club with a variety of activities. Membership is open to any U.S. citizen of good character who possesses an Illinois FOID card.

Full Membership
Our highest level of membership, “Full, (Regular) Membership” offers the following benefits:

·        Full use of all grounds including Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, Rifle and Pistol Range, Fishing and Archery

·        Use of Club grounds during off hours

·        Guest privileges, (A “guest” may use the club no more than 3 times annually)

o   Member must pay a $10 per day guest fee

·        Voting rights and Board Member eligibility per the by-laws

·        Private use of Club facilities during off hours with Board approval only

Cost: $250.00 year, Four work hours per year are required. (8 work hours for Probationary Members in the first 6 months).

$400.00 Initiation Fee is due upon submission of the Membership Application and waiver plus pro-rated dues.

Please see “Become a Member” for membership procedures.

Download our Regular Membership Application


Shooting Membership
A lower cost alternative for shooters interested in Trap, Sporting Clays and 5-Stand only.

Privileges cover the Shooting Member only. Spouses, children and guests are not included.

Benefits include:

·        Shooting of Trap, Sporting Clays and 5-Stand during open, staffed hours only

·        Trap league participation

·        Priority for membership if and when a waiting list occurs

Cost: $150 per year

Shooting Memberships can be purchased only on the third Saturday of the month at 9:45AM.

The viewing of a safety video is mandatory at time of application.


Download our Shooting Membership Application



One of the above memberships MUST be obtained to shoot at the St. Charles Sportsmen's Club.

Our Club is a safe and friendly shooting facility. We take our dedication to the shooting and outdoor sports very seriously. We welcome those interested in membership to visit our club during open hours.

If you have an interest in Full (Regular) Membership please see “Become a Member,” for procedures and requirements for joining.


Valid FOID card is required for all levels of Membership, (for Illinois residents).


*The SCSC reserves the right to terminate Membership at any time, pending Board approval.